Monday, 25 August 2008

Old and new media symbiosis

I'm always cheered to see "old" and "new" media working in partnership and one of my favourite examples of this was the original idea behind amazon: an on-line bookshop.

I have just seen another great example from the world of books: Penguin Dating. The idea here is that Penguin Books have got together with to create a dating site for people interested in books. And, although I'm not in the market for this, I can see the attraction for singles. A shared enthusiasm for Dickens or Doskoyevsky will probably get you a lot further than knowing that someone is Aquarius with a GSOH in your search for a mate!

And, the idea plays on the old archetype or myth of the power of the written word in love that stretches from Cyrano de Bergerac, to those glamorous Hollywood librarians through to that T-Mobile ad a couple of years back where an author was actually invented as part of the campaign, which took the whole thing back full-circle.

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Stephen Rothman said...

Great idea. Almost makes me wish I were dating again!