Thursday, 2 October 2008

Bog Roll

I am fascinated by brand naming and, being British, particularly intrigued by the names given to all things relating to the toilet. So, in a totally frivolous post, and in the tradition of that great British TV show "Call my Bluff", let's have a look at some of the names that German discounters dream up for their Own Label bog roll.
1. Is "Floralys"
a. A nasty disease you get from toilet seats in dodgy clubs?
b. A new colonic-irrigation procedure?
c. Lidl's Own Label Bog Roll?
2. Is "Kokett"
a. A promiscuous and foul-mouthed girl from the North of England?
b. A processed potato side-dish?
c. Aldi's Own Label Bog Roll?
You get the idea. My second prize for the best German discounter Bog Roll name has to go to Plus, who not only call their Bog Roll "Touching" but follow that one up with calling their tissues "Feeling". Both of these names make me feel distinctly queasy in this context.
And the winner is....Penny, with the best Bog Roll name of all time:"Happy End". Now, what on earth can the thought process leading to that one be?


Josquin said...

I think the name "Bog Roll" is pretty hilarious itself. I never thought of "down there" as a bog, but it's quite apt, come to think of it.

Sue said...

I'm a bit bogged down myself at the moment (with work) so not much time for my blog or anyone else's...