Thursday, 23 April 2009

Interesting Berlin

Berlin will be following New York, Amsterdam, Sydney and London in hosting an "Interesting" event on Friday 12th June. This is a great idea whereby speakers give very short (5-15 minute) talks on subjects that they are simply nuts about. The subject can be absolutely anything as long as it's fresh, fascinating and thought-provoking. Past subjects have ranged from Finity, to The Truth about Quicksand to How to split a log with an axe. Although most of the speakers and organisers work broadly in advertising or communication, the subjects come from beyond our normal world of work. So you don't get to listen to someone dribbling on about The Changing Media Landscape or selling you their Social Media Consultancy.

One of my German/English hybrid Planner pals, Max, is one of the organisers and all the details can be found on Interesting Berlin's blog . I'm sure that a few readers of my blog have got an interesting talk or two up their sleeve. You can also contact the team on

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