Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I want to ride my beercycle

Sometimes I am amazed by the ingenuity that goes into new ideas. The other night I saw something in Frankfurt that combined the trends to green and personal fitness with the growing interest in hen and stag parties here in Germany.
This unlikely vehicle is the BierBike and you can read all about it or even hire it here. It's basically a bar on a trolley powered by the pedalling of up to 16 guests. And while their legs are doing the work, their mouths are knocking back beer, Apfelwein or Sekt...oh, and there are soft drinks available too but I'd imagine there isn't much call for those.
It's an opportunity for branding, if you are happy for your brand to be associated with a rabble of pedalling revellers - Licher is the "beer partner" in Frankfurt while Rotkäppchen Sekt have got onto the bandwaggon - or beerwaggon - with all haste as the resident bubbly.
Although it's enviromentally friendly in some respects, I'm not sure about others, such as noise pollution from the boozed-up bicyclists. And I was uncharacteristically concerned about Health & Safety until I read that the thing does actually have a driver to steer it - who I assume is the only one who goes near the soft drinks.

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