Saturday, 17 April 2010


In all my years of travelling on business, I'm quite amazed that I haven't been affected by any major disasters before. So I'm taking my current predicament on the chin and accepting that is going to be my favourite website for the foreseeable future.

What's interesting about this disaster is that, although I'm grounded, I don't feel in any way stranded. Of course, it helps that I'm stuck in Blighty, but the thing is - the way technology has moved on, the one thing you can do on the ground that you can't do up in the air is communicate by phone, by web, anywhere and anytime.

The news websites haven't been a great help, with their over-dramatising and doom-mongering ("a cloud of almost biblical proportions" - oh, pur-lease!). But it is just great to pop onto Facebook and see which pals and colleagues are grounded where - and you know that you are not alone in wondering when exactly you should buy that pack of new pants.


Max said...

There has been quite a lot of interesting comment about the fact that this situation is a return to 19th century, where you were much more subject to the vagaries of weather and circumstances. If the wind did not blow, then you could not get to your destination. In this case of course, it is if the wind doesn't blow in the right direction.

Hope you get home soon now that the airports are open.

Sue said...

I'm home now having hi-jacked the Orient Express;)
Is Minimax there yet? Have I missed anything?