Friday, 14 December 2012


This is either the most brilliant or the most absurd new product I have seen this year. It's the Jaktogo and is positioned as an ingenious way of avoiding Ryan Air's extra baggage charges. In essence, it's a bag that converts into a stylish...OK, forget that part...a coat, which you can wear onto the plane at no extra charge.

The brilliance is the "beating the system" aspect, the absurdity is, well, you can judge for yourself.

I'm looking forward to more products to get back at the less-loved aspects of well-known brands.

I just hope I'm not behind someone wearing one of these bags, I mean coats at the security check.


Whisks said...

What a wonderful idea. I also love those whacky, beat-the-system ideas. I always resorted to the wear-everything-heavy-that-I-can approach to baggage allowances, but it did make the plan journey uncomfortable. And hot.

Sue said...

Yes, and I'd worry about sitting on those liqueur chocolates that I bought for a present for Auntie Vera, or something similarly bothersome!