Monday, 29 April 2013

Where it all began Part 1

Rediscovered in my history exercise book from when I was 14: an essay entitled Advertising.

'Advertising is one of the main mass media in the 20th C. Advertising can be used for many things, the main one being to promote a certain product so that people will buy it. There are advertisments for entertainments. Election propaganda is a form of advertising.

Product advertising may take place on the radio, in newspapers or magazines or on the television. The BBC do not show adverts for products but ITV shows about five or so adverts each quarter hour or twenty minutes.

Adverts are not necessarily lies but many of them are misleading and distort the truth. They often lead people to buy things that they don't really want or need but adverts have led them to buy these things.

Product promotion adverts can appeal to many human emotions, such as greed, pride, vanity and "keeping up with the Joneses." Because television adverts are so short, and adverts in papers etc. may only take up a small area, the most important thing is impact so that the person looking is struck straight away.' be continued!

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