Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wafer Wars

The German-speaking peoples do love their wafers. While wafers are relegated to the biscuits eaten last in the UK Family Assortment, wafers have whole brands dedicated to their existence in other countries.

The Germans have Hanuta, via the Italian Connection Ferrero, while the Austrians delight in the mega-brand that is Manner, which I blogged about here.

In the South Tyrol, that delightful part of Italy where you're not really sure which country you're in and everything has at least two names, Loacker is the local hero as far as wafers go.

While Manner may well be smarter in terms of their branding and marketing, my preference is for the Loacker products in terms of yumminess. There's more chocolate involved and generally a few spoonfuls more indulgence.

Although I'm sure they're not exactly good for the waistline, it was cheering to see the company sponsors some of the ski-schools, echoing the Milka and Manner involvement with the sport.

OK, mine's a Tortina or perhaps a Rose of the Dolomites.

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