Friday, 28 February 2014

Making best use of your space

In these days of oh-so-clever apps and nifty new film techniques, it's cheering to see lo-tech used in a way that is just right for the message and the brand.

IKEA is known the world over for its smart, simple ideas and the so-called RGB billboard that is showcased above is brimming with smartness and simplicity - and probably didn't cost the earth, either.

3 headlines.
3 colours.
3 bulbs.

The message that you see depends on which colour bulb is illuminating the billboard at the time.

Do it like this billboard.
Make good use of your space.
With small-space solutions from IKEA.

A better demonstration of making good use of space would be hard to come by - or one that leaves you smiling like this does. And, although the billboard is to be found in Sweden, the idea came from German agency Thjnk.

3 cheers!

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