Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ode to Cillit Bang?

Brands have long been a part of popular culture with name drops in books and songs, placement in TV and cinema, as well as sponsorship and the new branded channels springing up via social media.

But what about the higher echelons of culture? Well, Andy Warhol was certainly the master when it came to elevating brands to pieces of art, but it's difficult to think of many examples involving the written word.

Paul Walton, the founder of The Value Engineers, is a man who loves brands - and loves poetry. I was delighted to see that British Airways have published some of his work in their Business Life in-flight magazine. These four poems are wonderful little gems and capture the essence of the brands they are dedicated to far better than some dreary Brand Onion. How can you forget Marmite's plea "for a holiday somewhere medium and bland?" Or Branston "charging to spike the maiden salad Like some Brontean ravisher..."?

So come on, brands! How about appointing a Brand Laureate or a Brand Writer-in-Residence?

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