Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Martini Time

If you've ever wondered how you might have looked in those chain-Martini-drinking days of the early 1960s on Madison Avenue, wonder no more.

It's now possible to MadMen yourself. Look at the wonderful Doyen of Digital Diarhorrea on the left.

All this is a marvellous timewaster for the summer as well as being a neat way to advertise the next series. It appeals to the same basic motives as those cardboard dressing-up dolls from years back. And who could be more narcissistic as advertising folks?

I'm just hoping they will take the idea further so that you can order the clothes. I'm quite taken with that furry thing round my neck and I'd be happy enough with acrylic - as long as the Martinis aren't alcohol-free!

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