Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A brand too far?

How many brands can you mix together to justify an extreme price premium? Here's my best entrant from 2010 so far - the adidas Originals Star Wars Collection of T-Shirts, Track Tops and trainers, which includes a "Darth Vader Superstar track top with cape and light saber holdall", should anyone be interested.

I've just about got my head around Lego Star Wars as a brand in its own right but just look at the launch commercial for this new hybrid.

We've got adidas Originals in there and Star Wars plus three other brands of the humanoid variety - Beckham, Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk. Isn't it a bit over the top?

The endline is "Celebrate Originality". I'm not sure if this is an ironic touch. Or maybe it's a reference to creativity as putting things together that haven't been put together before.


Paul Tagent, Bath Marketing Consultancy said...

Followed the link from your comment on Brand Republic - that advert must have cost a fortune and I don't really see any clear targeting in terms of age, etc. Do you???!
You mentioned brands mixing together in your article which is something of a bit of a trend at the moment isnt it? (see my Blog

Sue said...

It might be fun to put names of premium brands from various categories plus superstars' names in a hat and pull a few out to get the co-op/advertising made in heaven (or at least via the principle of chance!)