Sunday, 10 January 2010


I'm already looking forward to the end of January, because that's when the new book from John "Genetically predisposed to the upside" * Grant is coming out. John's books always seem to hit the Zeitgeist of strategy and marketing and "Co-opportunity: Join Up for a Sustainable, Resilient, Prosperous World" looks to be no exception.

With my prejudices unashamedly in place, I know what I'm going to like about this book. It's not going to contain any of that last century military/competitive sport analogy tosh, with the focus on winning and excellence and peak performance and beating the enemy, sorry, competition. There won't be any of that Us vs Them process-driven mechanical thinking.

It will contain plenty of humanity, collaboration, participation, making a real difference sort of thinking as well as humour and a good few surprises.

It will be a book that is about hope rather than fear and that's something we can all do with.

*Jonathan Porritt

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