Sunday, 16 May 2010

Change to conserve

I recently got an email from an internet-based retailer of branded fashion goods, telling me how much they missed me (= my custom). And they were offering me a whopping great €20 voucher for my next purchase. In the past, I have bought one or two items from this company - the things are reasonably priced and the service is good.

So, in automatic consumer mode I started browsing - hmm, maybe that bag, maybe that belt. But then I stopped. I read on the small print that the voucher was only for stuff over €80. And, no - I didn't really need any of it.

I find myself more and more in a dilemma these days. The commercial part of me realises that the business I am in is basically there to help companies sell more stuff. But the human and Jiminy Cricket part of me increasingly jumps up, taps me with his brolly and questions that.

So I was happy to find the online debating chamber Conservation-economy for likeminded people to debate and discuss these issues.

Of course, it is Utopian to expect huge corporations to change their business model overnight. But here, at least we can make a start with raising the issues. And perhaps changing our own behaviour. Because conservation starts at home.

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