Friday, 21 January 2011

I'll build on that...

Back when I was a fresh-faced young planner, in the days of faxes and Tippex and things called Word Processors which I didn't have to understand - the secretaries did that - a book came out: "How to Plan Advertising." And in this book was a section on Creative Briefing by Damian O'Malley that became inscribed on my Planning soul.

For the odd person who may not know it, it is a very clever piece on how the Pope's Account Man may have briefed Michelangelo on the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. You can see it here, on John Griffiths' website. As an aside, note the "best" briefing isn't a snappy single-minded proposition. It's more a brand story. Or something.

But twenty years later, we have the case history. Very funny. Very cleverly done and full of all those ghastly cliches that tumble out of our mouths so easily: "messaging included..." "traffic increased by..."

Do have a look.

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