Saturday, 1 January 2011


I'm going to start the New Year with an optimistic cocking of the snoot (if you'll excuse me) at all those doom-mongers who declare that advertising, specifically TV advertising, is dead.

Here are Horizont's Top 15 TV spots. As well as the international blockbusters, there are German ads celebrating the German national obsessions of cars and football. And although quite a few of these are virals and cinema spots, rather than strictly TV, my two favourites are classic TV spots.

One is for IKEA so I'm a bit biased. The other is for Lieken Urkorn bread - not actually a dream client for creatives, you would think. But the film they have produced is breathtaking. A simple idea, beautifully executed.

Here's to a few more of those in 2011!

1. Nike World Cup
2. Audi A8 "Die Kunst, voraus zu sein."
3. Lieken Urkorn "Aus guten Händen"
4. Hornbach "Faces"
5. Mercededs Benz E-Klasse
6. Gelomyrtol "Welt ohne Schleim"
7. IKEA "Inbus"
8. 13th Street "Last Call"
9. Telekom "Liga Total"
10. Bud Light Viral
11. P&G Old Spice
12. Skoda "Glasmusik"
13. McDonalds viral "Uli Hoeness"
14. Internet Explorer "8 Experts" viral
15. Quirin Bank Image Spot

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