Thursday, 24 March 2011

Second Hand Brand

One of the little email highlights of the week is seeing what new ideas are percolating around the world via Springwise. And, like myths and legends, similar ideas seem to spring up independent of each other in countries as far flung as the Philippines and the USA. You can either blame the internet or maybe it's just a touch of the good old Collective Unconscious.

The trend I just love at the moment is new from old in the fashion industry. The Fortune Cookie purses from Diana Eng pictured above just make you want to smile. They are made from scrap leather from the furniture, upholstery and garment industries and each comes with its own history as well as a fortune - in words rather than coins, I hasten to add.

Over in the Philippines, Rags2Riches are also using discarded scraps from the fashion industry to make handbags and rugs - and helping disadvantaged women at the same time. And Saved is an idea from Do The Green Thing which rescues unloved and unwanted T-Shirts to give them a new story and a new home.

I have to say these companies, organisations and enterprises have brilliant names and Worn Again is no exception. They are a UK company who make bags and the like from old aircraft seat covers from Virgin Atlantic - and they are also in partnership with Eurostar and the Royal Mail.

Interesting to speculate who may have sat on your new shoulder bag?


Whisks said...

They *are* cute little purses. I wonder when rag rugs will come back into fashion? Always fancied one. I bought myself one of those hook things to make my own, decades ago, but heigh ho.

Sue said...

As long as fox furs don't make a comeback! Although I must confess to owning a fake one in the 80s in pale pink...