Friday, 4 March 2011

This Hun for Hire

The world of advertising is probably more littered than any other profession with creative, clever and downright absurd ideas to bypass the normal recruitment process and land yourself a job.

One of my contemporaries at Saatchis, Paul Arnold, famously pulled off a similar stunt to the chap on the left with a sandwich board: "I'm P...P...P...Paul and I want a job in advertising."

And I remember literally begging a young man not to sever the end of his purple tie in a graduate interview. He thought he'd invented branded performance art for Silk Cut. I thought otherwise...

So I'm intrigued to see what one young Art Director is trying to get herself noticed - "Hire a German." On Kristin's website you can see her buying and building an IKEA desk with alarming efficiency. Kristin comes with a plastic budgie, a signed photo and rather fetching white socks and Adiletten.

It's probably not all to everyone's taste but I certainly admire her cheekiness!

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