Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Talk

There was a time, when I lived in the UK when I couldn't walk past a building site without being told "cheer up, love - it might never happen."

Builders were always Britain's official cheerer-uppers - and their chirpiness was guaranteed to produce a curmudgeonly "grrrrrr" of a backfire.

I'm afraid that the following piece of advertising evokes a similar reaction in me. It's a shame, because the movement behind it, Action for Happiness, does seem to have some substance and some intelligent thinkers associated with it.

But while I agree with the sentiments is ticking an email "pledge" to try to create more happiness really the way?

It's a bit like money. The people with the most aren't the ones talking about it.


g.fenge said...

I'm out of my depth with advertising discussions. but I just wanted to call in to say hi and to express admiration of your happy talk enclosure!

Cheerie! said...

It's TRUE! Like being cool. If you're trying to be cool - you aren't achieving it. I find just being happy, regardless of what happens, works for me - and I'm the happiest person I know. Perhaps there's a hook in that; Just Be. Oh, hang on, that's been done...
D'OH! I'm out of ideas.

Sue Imgrund said...

Beware mandatory happiness enforcement at work!