Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Green Granny

Oxfam have had a very timely idea: get a granny to appear on YouTube with tips and ideas on "living better while saving cash." You can see the Green Granny here. This idea combines a number of issues that I am sure that most marketeers have been wrestling with recently: using the wisdom of the older generation, how to survive the recession and how to be a Good Company.

I think this would be a fantastic idea for Germany, mainly because I've got the name worked out: the Öko Omi. Now, I am not sure whether Green Granny is aimed at children in the UK or adults. If it is adults, well, our Öko Omi is going to have to be a bit more hardline than suggesting that we switch lights off, don't throw away clothes because you've lost a button or making a bread pudding with an electric mixer (bad Granny! That's what grandchildren are for!).

So that's the idea - all I need now is a client!

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