Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I am not a number...

As "Secret Agency", I couldn't let the passing of Patrick McGoohan go un-blogged. RIP to a very talented man.

I sometimes think that we are all imprisoned in The Village these days. Our numbers are not as simple as Number Two or Number Six. They consist of a minimum of four digits, if not six. Often they include a couple of letters as well.

The Number Twos (as it were) that be demand that we have these long and unwieldy numbers to hand every time that we communicate with them. They express surprise if we fail to understand which number they mean and they claim to be powerless to help us or to access our information unless we produce the correct combination of digits.

If we make a human error once too often with one of our many numbers, access is denied.

Is this what is really meant by the digital age?

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