Thursday, 22 January 2009

Obamas in Pyjamas

It's been pretty well impossible in the last day or two to avoid articles in the Marketing and Communications branch about "Brand Obama". Everyone who's anyone seems to be writing an article on "what brands can learn from Obama". And they are all at it.

The Twitterers, Bloggers and other members of the Digital Luvvie Genus are all in ecstasies about Obama's clever use of "non-traditional media". The more traditionally-orientated commentators, from the Harvard Business Review down (or up? across?) are applauding the focus, the clear brand equity. And even those poor so-and-sos who have been coerced into writing yet another article about how brands can weather the recession have decided to take a leaf or two out of Obama's book.

And as for me - well, this is my rather facetious contribution . Maybe the only thing of use I can add is that all the articles remind of that wonderful poem about the six blind men and the elephant. Whatever their viewpoint, most of the authors of these articles would agree that the 44th President of the USA is a marvel in his own way.

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