Monday, 12 March 2012

An all-round good idea

I remember when I first saw the British Airways charity action, "Change for Good". What a great concept, I thought, to collect all those pesky little foreign coins for the greater good. And last week, I had a similar sense of "Yes!" when I heard about the new action in Germany, Deutschland rundet auf (Germany rounds up.)

Like all good ideas, it's a simple one. Customers in a range of retail outlets from supermarkets to shoe shops can volunteer to round up their purchase with the words "Aufrunden, bitte!" ("round up, please!"). As there's a limit of ten cents maximum on the rounding-up, it is envisaged that a lot of people making a little difference will make a big difference.

The rounded-up money will go to charity projects which address current issues in German society, with 2012 projects being focussed on children and youth.

With its elements of a small behavioural change, the feeling of a movement for the greater good, the simple core idea and transparent nature, Deutschland rundet auf has the markings of an all-round success.

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