Thursday, 15 March 2012

A snortin' good ad

Back in the last century, The Guardian created one of my all-time favourite TV ads - "Points of View" aka The Skinhead Ad, which cleverly showed how one should look at a situation from all points of view to see the big picture.

Well, The Guardian has done it again. This is definitely my favourite ad so far this year, showing how the story of The Three Little Pigs might be reported in today's world. The illustration of "Open Journalism" and how a story grows and evolves through classic and social media is nothing short of brilliant. And, by showing it, the paper can claim the territory, the way of thinking as its own.

What I also like is that it's not a brand new creative idea. It's clear that the creatives who worked on this were inspired by virals of the "Christmas Story on Facebook" ilk and have used the huge popularity of these to The Guardian's advantage.

I nearly said "paper" just then - but it isn't just a paper any more, is it?


Whisks said...

Now that is a WONDERFUL ad! Funny, clever, interesting, thought-provoking - and I want to tell my friends!
What a great find.

Sue said...

The Grauniad was never my favourite paper (actually, I don't know what my favourite paper is!) but this makes me feel MUCH more inclined to look at "their" news.