Monday, 26 March 2012

The art of keeping quiet

A couple of years back, I commented on digital diarrhorea, but it seems that the problem of brands that don't know when to shut up has not abated.

With reduced budgets, it is tempting for brands to look to lower cost ways of engaging and keeping in touch with people, and Facebook and other social media offer what seems to be a cost-effective way of maintaining a presence in people's lives.

It's very easy to make the assumption that volume of content, measured in sheer number of activities - or number of explanation marks - will keep your brand top of mind.

But rather like the person that loves the sound of their own voice, if what you are saying is banal, is of no use and does not inform or entertain, people will start by ignoring you, in a passive way.

Passive ignoring is bad enough, but it can go one step further into active avoidance. Once people have made an active step to cut off the brand's communication, it is nearly impossible to get them back.

With a reduced budget for communications, the answer must be to do less, but better.

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