Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The lady's not for branding

I'm always amused when I read articles in the British press about Angela Merkel. They don't really know what to make of her. You see, the British love branding, from Brand Beckham to Brand Obama. People that can be branded (for that, read put in a convenient box and given a snappy nickname like "The Iron Lady") or that set out to "brand" themselves are beloved of British marketeers and journalists alike.

In The Times, Melanie McDonagh comments on Frau Merkel's coming top in Forbes list of The 100 most powerful women. While Ms McDonagh poo-poos the nature of the list, quite rightly, and does make some interesting observations about the German Chancellor, she also ties herself up in knots.

Frau Merkel is described as "dowdy to the point of frumpiness" yet she "stands out in any photograph of world leaders with her bright little jackets". She is compared to Michelle Obama and Sarah Brown, which is about as relevant as comparing Ronald Reagan with Denis Thatcher.

And, in the title of the piece, a pathetic attempt is made at branding, not even worthy of The Sun: "Frau Frump gives us the finest showing of girl power."

When will the journalists learn that a World Leader has very little in common with Victoria Beckham?

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Stephen Rothman said...

Or that Paris Hilton as anything to do with Barack Obama.