Wednesday 8 February 2012

Bricks & Mortar Brands

On my way to work, while navigating the tangle of Autobahns east of Frankfurt, a landmark stands out for me: a red-brown industrial chimney, proudly branded Dunlop in brick.

It's just one example of bricks-and-mortar branding that includes the Oxo Building, all those mills in Britain's docklands, and the granddaddy of them all pictured here.

There's an assumption taken in these buildings that's rather more than slapping your name on a football stadium - an assumption of permanence, stability, visibility and staying-power: these brands were literally "built to last".

As to the World's Oldest Brand, this is a matter for discussion. There are some hotel names in Japan that go back to the millennium before last, and at least one German brewery heading for the 1,000th anniversary.

The brand Lyle's Golden Syrup has made it as far as Guinness World Records go, with more than 125 years of continuous branding and packaging.

And, interesting too, to consider Mr Lyle's business partner, Mr Tate, especially while we're talking bricks (and mortar)!

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