Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I've often wondered about reframing my - ahem - age in this young people's business as being 'vintage' or even 'retro', both of which seem all the rage these days. Vintage Planning does have quite a ring to it.

But I've decided that I'm quite happy to be a Planning Dinosaur if that's what people want to call me. A few years ago - not quite the Jurassic Age - I blogged about this very topic - The dinosaur fights back, quoting John Hegarty's comments on Big Data.

I've found another excellent blog post on the matter, this time from Richard Huntington, In Praise of Dinosaur Planning where another creative dinosaur, Dave Trott, is quoted: 'Put a dinosaur in a field of sheep, the dinosaur f***ing wins.' Being a dinosaur is no more than believing in the fundamentals of account planning, not getting carried away by the latest fad, or metric, or technological possibility.

It's about effectiveness - doing the right thing for the brand.

And it's about inspiring and nurturing great creative work that connects with people.

Maybe what we should strive to be is an adaptable dinosaur.


Barbara Fisher said...

Hello fellow dinosaur! I love the quote from Dave Trott – and how right he is :)

Sue Imgrund said...

Hello, Barbarasaurus! You may already know I am the largest Tyrannosaurus ever found:

Barbara Fisher said...

I knew you were famous, but I had no idea just how famous. :-)
Loving my new name and assuming I must be related to the Doyouthinkhesaurua. (Sorry I couldn't resist!) Barbarasaurus.