Thursday, 26 May 2016

Reuse, recycle, resauna

Some of my favourite new product ideas are actually old product ideas.

In other words, new uses for old or obsolete products. I've seen telephone boxes used as mini libraries, bags made of old lifejackets, airline drinks trolleys for the home bar, old boats converted into bookcases (although I'm not convinced the boats in question have ever sailed) and even old skis used as signposts.

Talking of ski-ing, the latest idea to catch my eye is Saunagondel, where old ski lift gondolas are converted into mobile electric saunas. They're available to rent or buy and can be used more or less anywhere. Quite the thing for the stylish exhibitionist.

I'm convinced this is an area where brands could do more. It sends such a positive message when new uses are found for something old, with a little ingenuity. One of my pet peeves is the short lifespan of electronics - TVs, printers, scanners, computers and so on. The old ones are difficult to dispose of and no-one wants to repair anything any more.

Or there's my current favourite jewellery - made from old Nespresso capsules.


Barbara Fisher said...

I had no idea Nespresso capsules could look so good!

Visiting a fete a year or two ago I saw a woman making shopping bags out of old supermarket plastic bags. She wove different coloured bags together (somehow) formed a handle and hey presto a strong and long lasting bag – practical and pretty.

I imagine the bottom rather fell out of that market when the supermarkets started charging for the plastic bags, but it was a good idea while it lasted.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sue Imgrund said...

A super idea, especially when you see the devastating effect discarded plastic bags can have on wildlife.

We're having something of an early weekend here, with a public holiday today.

Sue Imgrund said...

And how about this - from phone box to work station:

Barbara Fisher said...

Hi Sue,
First of all, thank you for the link to your excellent review on Amazon. I’ve now ordered the Go-Between and can’t wait to read it.

The phone box to workstation idea is brilliant! I will be looking out for one. Mind you, I've yet to find one that has been converted to a mini lending library. I know they are around because they feature in newspaper articles from time to time.

The phone boxes were vital when I was a little girl. They were the only way to call a doctor or any of the emergency services. Mobile phones don’t have the same appeal do they?

Sue Imgrund said...

Funnily enough, I visited my old school recently with my book, and was quite surprised to see that the phone box I used to ring my mum from to pick me up on occasion was still there, all these decades later. Made me quite happy.