Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Makes burgers, not war

This is a bit of an old story - it's from last year - but it's a goodie, and with the Cannes Awards coming up, who knows?

Collaboration is one of the buzz words for brands this decade - with customers, other brands and other organisations. And the fast food giants have certainly played the game, with all manner of collaborations with confectionery brands, or charitable organisations to encourage literacy or sport.

But what about getting together with your biggest rival?

Y&R New Zealand had the tremendous idea to raise awareness for Peace Day, a global day of ceasefire. Their client Burger King invited McDonald's to get together to create a one-off super-burger. No, not King Donald (or even Don King) but the McWhopper.

In the end, McDonald's, in an act maybe more fitting to Wimpy, turned it down, but the proposal itself generated a mass of positive goodwill and PR for Burger King, as well as awareness for Peace Day.

Next time I talk about bold advertising, I'll have this at the back of my mind as a yardstick.

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Sue Imgrund said...

... and this idea has done rather well at Cannes