Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Improved iPhone!!!

I've been wondering for the last year or so whether I should upgrade my iPhone. I have a tendency to hang onto mobile phones so long that they end up being retro. My iPhone 3G has a poor excuse for a camera, and most apps only half work, but, I don't know, I'm kind of attached to it. When I first got it I felt terribly leading edge and I take a strange satisfaction in showing that off in a subtle way.

Apple have recently launched the iPhone 7, so I thought I'd have a quick reccy as to what's on offer. Here's an introductory film, voiced-over by Greg Joswick, VP Worldwide Product Marketing:

What do we have here:

Better, faster, more powerful, even better, larger, brighter, better, longer, more detailed, even better ...

A load of adjectives in the comparative form, culminating in 'the best iPhone ever.' So the comparison is with previous iPhones, not with the competition that's snapping at their heels. 'Best iPhone Ever' is supported by a catalogue of technical product details. Apple have gone all Procter & Gamble, old style, with a claim, a demo and a load of 'reasons to believe.'

Where's the magic? Where's the wow? The only genuine new points seem to be that the iPhone 7 is water resistant (big deal) and there's no little hole to stick your headphones in (so you either have to get an adaptor, or buy the super new AirPods at huge expense.)

Apple have been having some rough times recently. Revenues are down, and the company has been ordered to pay a large tax bill in Ireland which hasn't done wonders for the corporate image.

I'm not sure that going back to 1970s-style detergent marketing is the right way to go.

I think my trusty iPhone 3G will stay with me for a bit longer.


Sue Imgrund said...

Not quite how I'd put it, but I get the point!

Barbara said...

Hi Sue, I am always the last to upgrade my phone – so I won’t be rushing out to buy one of these. I would rather spend my cash on a nice new book or perhaps a pair of shoes (comfortable ones without killer heals!) I have to conclude that any advertising budget is probably wasted on me. :-)

Sue Imgrund said...

Hello Barbara - I may be forced into parting with my old friend as it's telling me it won't support WhatsApp as from January. I rely on WhatsApp quite a lot these days. Oh well - I won't dispose of the old thing, though. They might come back into fashion, just like shoes!

Barbara said...

Oh dear I have no idea what WhatsApp is! I guess I should investigate (or ask my grandson!)