Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Remember, remember

When I started in advertising, the work you did for causes and charities tended to be very different from the work you did for commercial clients. It's maybe one of the biggest - and most welcome - changes that I've seen in the nature of marketing: large corporations really are doing good business as well as big business.

For example, look at the brilliant idea from IKEA Norway, created by the agency POL, to raise money with the Red Cross. What could be more effective than stumbling across a replica of a Damascus apartment bang in the middle of all those cosy Scandinavian room settings?

One result of this change is that the causes and charities must also up their game when it comes to marketing. And it's gratifying to see them do so, borrowing ideas and imagery from the commercial world.

Marketing for poorly children used to look like this:

But look at this powerful ad for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (colloquially known as SickKids). Using imagery and music straight from performance brands such as Nike, the spot redefines 'sick kids' as fighters and warriors, with a good dose of positive anger. Using real patients and workers at the hospital gives this a glorious feeling that yes, these Superheroes actually exist:

And finally, a topical one, which is also about rethinking and redefining. This time it's for the Royal British Legion, by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

Are these old soldiers' reminiscences? Think again:


Barbara Fisher said...

Hi sue, I remember putting coins in those collection boxes when I was about the same size as they were. Spastics was a word in everyday use back then, but I find it rather disturbing now. It just shows how political correctness rubs off on us all.
All the adverts you shared are so powerful, not to mention moving.

Sue Imgrund said...

I wonder whether you might do a blog post at some point on the collecting boxes of days gone by! I remember the dogs, and I also had a Dr Barnardos 'house'. My parents used to go out collecting for the Lifeboats.

It could be quite an interesting theme!

Barbara Fisher said...

I'm not sure I know enough about the subject Sue, but it is worth thinking about. Actually, I think you should write it. You write so beautifully, and with an authority that I’ve never mastered.

Sue Imgrund said...

You're too kind, Barbara! Hmm, yes, one of these days ...