Saturday, 1 July 2017

O Canada

I make no apologies for today's post being low on words and high on visuals and nostalgia. I've commented before that the Canadian flag is one of the best logos going, and what better way to celebrate Canada's 150 years today than with a parade of Canadian brands.

I visited Canada as a young girl in 1967, the year of the Centennial. It wasn't my first visit - that was as a toddler - but this was the visit where I think Canadian brands first made an impression on me. In these days of globalisation, it's very easy to forget that there were days when almost all brands were unfamiliar when you travelled abroad, and they were crucial in building up your picture of that country overall. The roadside signs, the posters, the packaging - they all seemed exotic and wonderful, even if they were commonplace for those that lived there.

I've subsequently found out that some of my original 'Canadian Brands' were more correctly 'American'. Those things that interest young children like popcorn - with a surprise toy:

Or sweets - sorry, candy:

Or diners serving Snoopy's favourite - Root Beer:

But there was another side to Canadian Brands - a sophisticated, grown-up dreamland of shiny locomotives and aeroplanes, with elegantly-dressed passengers clinking glasses, gliding over, or through, acres of breathtaking landscape:

And here are more wonderful Canadian images on the I.Am:Canadian Pinterest board.

Happy Birthday, Canada!


Sue Imgrund said...

Stop Press!

How about this, to add to the celebrations - a glow-in-the-dark $2 coin. Canada is famous for the Northern Lights - now you can have them in your pocket!,HSK8,39CEQJ,1UNMV,1

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Sue, I recognise some of the images but not all. The Canada Dry advert and the one for Banff are very familiar, but I’ve never seen one for Root Beer and have no idea what it tastes like.
Happy Birthday Canada!

Sue Imgrund said...

Nothing like roots and nothing like beer!