Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bob the (rather bronzed) builder

As the deluge outside continues, and Autumn winds bash incessantly at my office window, I thought I'd write a short post about one of my favourite ideas from this summer.

The team that dreamed this one up are Wickes DIY, Skin Cancer Charity Skcin and agency Iris. The idea is to raise skin cancer awareness in the construction industry through a new product, Tradesman's Suncream.

There's a wonderful insight behind this, combining a fact with a bit of target-group psychology:

Construction workers are particularly high-risk for skin cancer, but many don't use suncream because they're afraid of their mates taking the mick.

The solution is beautifully simple: suncream in paint pots , with variants Apprentice White, Plasterer's Pink and Brickie's Bronze.

Stores were used for events and UV skin checks. 

It's a winning combination of ingredients: clever insight, a smart idea that's more than communication - and ultimately does good.

But unfortunately, it's now too late to collect a free pot from your local store: Summer's over.


WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

Let's just remember a few facts....

The most common sign of skin cancer is a change to a mole,
freckle or normal patch of skin. It's important to know your
skin and what it looks like normally so you notice any unusual
or persistent changes. Use a mirror, or ask your partner or a
friend to check the areas of your skin that you can't see.

A change to a mole, freckle or normal patch of skin is
a common sign of skin cancer, but there are also other
signs to be aware of, including.....
A new growth or sore that doesn’t heal
a spot, mole or sore that itches or hurts
a mole or growth that bleeds, crusts or scabs
If you notice any of these signs, see your GP.
If you know anyone who has any of these symptoms,
insist they see their doctor.

Sue Imgrund said...

Very sound advice, Willie!