Wednesday, 11 October 2017

I'm retro, fly me!

Retro and nostalgic packaging for anything from washing powder to chocolate to fizzy drinks has become commonplace in the supermarket aisles, along with the increasing number of retro weekends and experiences to be had. I even had my old iPhone described as 'retro' by some young chap with an ironic beard last year. In the travel industry, ocean liners and steam trains (and even motor busses, I've seen) can take us back to more elegant and maybe simpler times.

But there are some areas where one might want to be a little careful when playing the retro card. Areas that stand for speed and being at the forefront and the latest technology. Despite that, a big smile came to my face at Frankfurt airport the other day when I spied one of Lufthansa's retro-liveried planes. They had several done to celebrate their 60th anniversary, and the design evokes the 70s beautifully.

I was even more envious when I discovered that the airline TAP have been going the whole hog and offering one-off retro-themed flights from Lisbon to destinations like Miami or Toronto. Just look at these funky uniforms!

But what of my reservations? (If you'll excuse the pun.) Well, maybe I am just showing my retro status myself. Airlines, in many cases, are positively ancient in branding terms, dating from the early to mid 20th century in most cases. The times that are celebrated in these retro packages are those when flying was a pleasure, when the skies were not quite so crowded and the pilots were some of the best, having probably been trained in the RAF or equivalent.

Times that evoke both trust and luxury, personal attention and quality as well as glamour and excitement.

However, I doubt they will be bringing back the smoking section.


WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

Well...I think we can classify retro as..
Imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past...!
And..l'm proud to say, l come into that catergory..and,
it's no secret, l live very much in the past...the 60's,
Ah! the 60's..always voted the very best decade of ALL
time..never be another like it! :).
HeHe! We always say..."If you remember the 60's, you were'nt
there". :0).

Things lasted back then as well...we have a very much..Throw
away culture it's nice to see, things coming back
from way the song says!
The cloths in one of my wardrobes has been in and out of
fashion quite a few times..does'nt bother me, l wear what
l choose on the day..! And, once the song says..
'I'm a dedicated follower of fashion". :).

And, can l mention a final song...'Trains and Boats and Trains'.
And..talking of's some from the Retro era...

1. ♫ I Love Rock and Roll - Joan Jett
2. ♫ Upside Down - Diana Ross
3. ♫ Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
4. ♫ MMM Bop - Hanson
5. ♫ Funkytown - Lipps Inc
6. ♫ The Electric Slide - Marcia (pronounced Mar-C-Ya) Griffiths
7. ♫ Wannabe - Spice Girls

Sue Imgrund said...

Yup, Willie- music is probably the thing that evokes a particular era and its fashions most easily!

Barbara Fisher said...

It’s a big no to the smoking section – how did we ever think it was safe? Terry and I got married in 1970 and flew to Austria for our honeymoon. It was the first time on a plane for me, such exciting times! I’m sure I have photos of the plane and possibly the aircrew somewhere. I must look them out.

Sue Imgrund said...

It's extraordinary to think of all the places where smoking was perfectly acceptable (it seemed) in years gone by - cinemas, restaurants, Underground trains etc.

Some elements of 'retro' are more desirable than others, I think!

Sue Imgrund said...

And another one at it!