Sunday 9 December 2018

Can a brand be humble?

Although "Feeling Humbled" seems to be the stock phrase from marketing people whenever their particular  brand or campaign is up for whatever award, a lot of the behaviour of brands - or the people behind them - is far from humble these days:

* banging on about how brave and bold they are, as if they've climbed Everest without oxygen, or swum the Atlantic in winter
* launching high and mighty "purpose" campaigns that often have precious little to do with the products they make
* pontificating in the language of religion, or psychology, about "icons" and "fans" and "heroes' journeys" and "archetypes"
* not accepting that they are the cause of many of the issues they are trying to solve
* and most worrying of all, as well as "curating" people's lives for them, brands are beginning to dictate what their employees should and shouldn't do

In amongst all this bragging, it's good to find a new (to me) brand that seems to do what it says on the tin - or handle in this case. The Humble Brush, from Sweden, has been around since 2013. The simple toothbrush has a bamboo handle, purchasing helps to fund dental-related projects for children in need, and the website asks users to help with co-creation and ideas.

I'm not quite sure how easy removing the nylon bristles with pliers is going to be, but I'll find out in 6 months. Meanwhile, this does seem to be a brand that's putting money where its mouth is.

Maybe the meek really will inherit the earth one day.

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