Thursday, 7 August 2008

My, my, muesli!

Just in case anyone is beginning to think that I'm a grumpy old woman who spends her whole time whingeing about modern brands or wallowing in nostalgia, I must introduce you to what I think is going to be my "brand of the year" - and I haven't even tried the product yet!

mymuesli is a super idea that's been going for just over a year - custom made organic muesli to mix and buy online. It's the baby of three smart young German chaps who - if their website can be believed, were so irritated by the radio advertising of a certain Schwäbisch muesli company (anyone who lives around here will know what I mean!) that they decided to go one better and create their own muesli company.

The good news for my pals in the UK is that mymuesli is now available to you, too: have a look at the UK website .

The only slightly odd thing about all this (which maybe confirms my status as a grumpy old woman) is that I didn't hear about mymuseli through word-of-mouth or via a blog or chatroom or anything 2.0 like that: no, I heard about it through good old TV advertising. Odd, that.

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