Friday, 6 October 2017

A Snickers by any other name would taste as sweet

One of the best campaign insights of recent years is that from Snickers: You're Not You When You're Hungry. I know my family will certainly attest to the truth of this one, and it's a great idea that the brand have been using in their advertising for seven years now. So it definitely has legs. Or peanuts.

The latest incarnation of the campaign idea is individual named Snickers bars with a choice of 21 alter-hungry-egos from Stroppy to Grouchy to Moaner to Drama Mama to Faffer to Grumpster. Sounding vaguely like a re-imagining of the 7 dwarfs, the idea is either to buy one for yourself (as a warning to others) or, better still, for a chum or family member.

I know that this idea is adapted from the 'Share a Coke' thought, but I find it even better. Not only is the personalisation element there, but it ties in with a long-running campaign based on a super insight into human nature, which Snickers have made their own. In the US, where they've already run this idea, they got an impressive uplift in sales, and I'm not surprised.

I can almost, almost forgive the brand its own name change from Marathon right back in 1990.

Almost. But not when I'm hungry.


WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

It hasn't been a year of good news, and chocolate-lovers
are in for even more of a blow! Brands have been quietly
shrinking the size of bars and packets....!
This has become more of a concern than naming or renaming
of chocolate products...
When l was a boy..Mars and Bounty Bars were of a reasonable
size, meal there just bite size...!
The price..well all chocolate products have gone up, whilst
the size of the bar...has been reduced!
The common excuse is..."Well, we have to reduce the sugar
content, therefore we have to reduce the size".
I'll leave you to answer that one...
Here, below are some of the other chocolate products that
have reduced in size, some as much as 30%...

1. Terry's Chocolate Orange
2. Toblerone
3. Maltesers
4. Quality Street
5. Cadbury Fingers
6. Creme Eggs
7. Twix
8. Snickers
9. Dairy Milk
10. Freddos

Sue Imgrund said...

It's the healthy eating police, I'm afraid. Soon the little 'bite sized' bars will be sold as standard size ...

WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

HeHe! Healthy Eating Police...Like that..! :).
But! I'm afraid that's being done already....
Research shows Mars Bars have shrunk 28% since
1990s and Yorkies 20% since 1970s...!

Oh! Forgot to Allen the Falcon....
I sent out four e~mails..two to local papers,
re the Falcon's replies l'm afraid.
I even tried to find out the weight of an allen
key..and multiply it by 17,000..HeHe! Lost the
plot somewhere along the line..! :).

Sue Imgrund said...

I think your method is probably the best. First principles rather than expecting people to reply to emails. Whatever next!!!

Barbara said...

Pass me a ‘stroppy’ please. I’ve been waiting to see a specialist at my local hospital for the last three months. I’ve been told to stay off coffee, tea, chocolate, fizzy drinks and alcohol until I see the specialist. My appointment came through today ... for the 1st December! Better pass me three chocolate bars a cup of coffee and a glass of wine. Thanks! :-)

Sue Imgrund said...

I think I'd go for a more unprintable name if I were in your position! Hope all goes well.

Barbara said...

I can think of a few! :)